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The Barista, or “coffee shop bartender” continually strives to improve. Absorbing experiences, steeping in his feelings. Until those feelings become rich as a deep roast, unique and pure in taste. He waits. Never knowing. But trusting that love will come with time. Waiting as the cup brews. Slowly. Patiently. Until the moment is right. And the inevitable arrives. This perseverance is the belief at the heart of the Barista Collection.

Barista Collection is inspired by brewing. The elegant barrel case design, with a finely embossed pattern on the surface, represents the unfolding of rich flavours and aromas over time. Be they coffee or wine. The day and night display movement represents perseverance down through the passage of time, marked by the rise and fall of the sun and moon. Roman numeral hour markers beneath the curved glass carve out a unique retro style and underscore the beauty of wisdom that grows over time. No matter how much times change, or how much time passes, there is an immutable strength in the heart and in the cup.

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