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A love letter should be a letter full of emotions. When writing a letter, it may be because there are too many emotions to say it out of the mouth. When writing a letter, it may be because the emotion is too strong, and it is afraid that it will spread out. The “Love Letter” series collects time and turns it into a love letter. Rereading this love letter will reunite with the best memories. Emotions are savoured, recollected and responded to.

The Letter “Love Letter” series, with love letter as the theme, reproduces the classic Art Deco design of the brand in the 1930s, and depicts the most delicate emotions with time. Genesis classic, contemporary interpretation, compact dial with basic tone aluminum bezel and domed sapphire crystal glass, sitting on a square bezel, like putting the purest emotion in a 1930 envelope, waiting for time to go Open. In addition to providing retro mesh straps, the series also adds a series of brightly colored leather straps, highlighting the noble and elegant yet stylish feel.